Summer Pie Socials: Double Espresso Chocolate Pie

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Our Summer Pie Socials series has presented you with sweet and savory combinations as well as pies fit a happy hour.  This one, friends, is especially for the indulgence lovers.

Join us this Thursday, July 19th for a higher approach to our Chocolate Cream Pie.  This week's Summer Pie Socials special is whipped with espresso cream from fellow local business, High Brew Coffee, and cacao by SRSLY.  We'd be sure and save room for dessert on this one.  

Double Chocolate Espresso Pie, Available starting July 19th - A whipped espresso cream made with High Brew Double Espresso and bittersweet SRSLY Chocolate.  Topped with chocolate whipped cream.  

DON'T FORGET: 5% of proceeds from Summer Pie Socials Thursdays goes to help support Jeremiah Program Austin's mission of helping single mothers join the workforce. 

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Photos by Kathleen Pieratt Photography

Photos by Kathleen Pieratt Photography



See you there!