Tiny Pie Upgrade

If we had it our way, we’d buy the world a Tiny Pie.

It sounds cliche, but it’s completely true. We bake so much love (and actual manhours) into inmproving our crust, determining flavors, sourcing ingredients, and baking them to perfection.

We’re constantly updating our catalog of goods, but to us, the Tiny Pie is our baby. And it just doesn’t get much better than that.

On top of all of those ‘reasons why,’ we’ve just introduced our newest Tiny Pie Upgrade: the Tiny Pie Gift Box.

The Tiny Pie Gift Box

Available for just $1.50, it includes a pie window AND space to write a special note. We think this provides plenty of good samaritan incentive. Or, at least the guts to say ‘hello’ to that neighbor you’ve always wanted to, eh?

 Complete with four branded sides and a window to your future — all for just $1.50.

Complete with four branded sides and a window to your future — all for just $1.50.

The grand reveal could look a little like this…


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Thanksgiving Menu is Up!

Believe it or not, it’s time to think Thanksgiving…

This is always the time of the year in which we walk into a store and are shocked when they have the Christmas decorations up and it isn’t even yet Halloween. In an effort not to add to the confusion, let’s just call this preparation.

2W4A1901 - web.jpg

As we tend to sell out each year, it might also be a really good thing. Cross this one off of your list, consider it handled, and move on to the next. We’ve got options for dessert and even in-between meals to statisfy the family.

Scour our menu and photos below, then reserve your pies for pick-up anytime between November 19th and 21st.

  Seems like a lot, but we tend to sell out.

Seems like a lot, but we tend to sell out.


Closed November 22nd & November 23rd

We will be open for Small Business Saturday, November 24th!

Spooky or Sweet?

Halloween Pies - Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern.jpg

It’s always a toss up each year — how scary do we go? After you take a little peek of the photo strip below, we’ll think you’ll see we settled with just plain cute.

Our Halloween items are available though each location by pre-order OR available while supplies last beginning Saturday, October 27th.

Boos on YOU!


5” Halloween Treats

Each pie is 5” and made with their own hauntedly handmade filling:

  • Owl - Cherry

  • Mummy - Cherry (though pictured here in Blueberry)

  • Spiderweb - Chocolate Cream, then topped with a Chocolate spider web

  • Jack O’ Lantern - Pumpkin, of course!

Though not available for pre-order these this year, how cute are these pie pops?!