Our Lady Meringue

When it comes to pie, most consider that it's what in the inside that counts.  In our case, however, the topping is never shorted.  We are big fans of a good whip, accustomed to a worthy crumb topping, and of course, marvel at the magic of a meringue. 

In honor of LEMON MERINGUE PIE DAY on August 15th, we show off the hypnotizing swirl of one of our most signature toppings.

Oh, and as an added bonus, the recipe to our meringue. Enjoy!

 The ideal meringue is stiff on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and lightly toasted.

The ideal meringue is stiff on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and lightly toasted.

Back to School Treats

Wait, wait.  Back to school --- already?! 

It's like the moment you feel in the ultimate throes of summer, time speeds up and delivers you right to the end.  Congratulations, everyone.  You've made it!  Now look what we've made for you...

 Photos by  Kathleen Pieratt Bates Photography

Photos by Kathleen Pieratt Bates Photography

Inspiration for these treats came from our own children's experience with back to school. Can you think of anything sweeter than greeting your child's new teacher, or welcoming a new year with your fellow colleagues than with A+ treats from yours truly?  

Order now or drop in store through August 22nd or while supplies last.

Here's to starting this school year off on a sweet note! 

Pies to You: Curbside Now Available!

Now offering curbside pick-up at both Tiny Pies locations

We all know that life is busy!   Don't let that get in the way of your pie fix!  Beginning this August, let us meet you halfway... or at least the parking lot. 


 Photo by Jordyn Garcia

Photo by Jordyn Garcia


Simply order online, let us know when you'd like to pick up, and we can bring you chilled (or warm!) pie directly to your car.  

Click here

to get started! 


  1. Visit www.tinypies.com/order 
  2. Select 'Local Pickup, Delivery & Curbside" option at far left.
  3. Choose your desired pick up location.
  4. At checkout, enter in the make and model of your car.  Set time and date of pick up.
  5. To pick up, follow the link in the order confirmation text and let us know you've arrived!
  6. Voila!